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I joked with my friend Dustin about creating solutions to the Project Euler problems using LUA (and running them in WoW). Here's where I'll post those solutions as I finish them.

I'll try to generalize my solutions where I see fit. For example, I added a parameter to Problem 1 to set the upper limit of 1000, but I did not parameterize the 3 and 5, etc.

Problem 1

function ProjectEuler:OnEnable()
function ProjectEuler:Problem001(upperLimit)
        self:Print("Sum of all numbers less than " 
            .. upperLimit .. " that are divisible by 3 or 5")
        local f = function(factor)
            local n = math.ceil(upperLimit / factor)
            return n * (n-1) * factor / 2
        local result = f(3) + f(5) - f(15)


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