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Knave Defender Privacy Statement



Knave Defender does not collect any personal, usage, or tracking information from any of the devices you install it on, with the exception of the following: 

  • A nickname of your choice to associate with a high scores list.  This defaults to the display name of your user profile, and can be changed from the Game Options within the Settings charm.

    Note: In this version, the high scores list is roamed between all of your devices, but is not accessible to the public.



Knave Defender does not share any data from the information that it collects (stated above). 



The free version of Knave Defender uses advertisements served by a third-party (Microsoft Advertising SDK). No location or user identification information is provided to the third-party API by Knave Defender when ads are retrieved from the internet.

Microsoft's Privacy Statement: http://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/AdDisplay.mspx

You may opt out of Microsoft interest based advertising here: https://choice.live.com/AdvertisementChoice/

Note: In the event that an internet connection or third-party advertisement service is unavailable, then the free version of Knave Defender will display internally-generated content that may include pop culture references that are not intended to be actual advertisements.