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Knave 21 Privacy Statement



Knave 21 does not collect any personal, usage, or tracking information from any of the devices you install it on, with the exception of the following:  

  • Game statistics (hands played, highest chip balance, number of correct strategy plays, etc) are stored in roaming storage so that a game can be continued on another device. This information is not used outside of the game.
  • Analytics to help focus future development efforts.

    This includes the following:
    • Fatal Error logging (if the app crashes, then the crash report is captured for analysis so the bug can be fixed)
    • Handled Error logging (some error conditions are handled internally by the app instead of crashing, but we keep track of how many times these events occur)
    • Non-personal information: Language, CPU Type, and Screen Resolution. This will be used to steer future development efforts based on audience size (example: selecting another language to localize the app for)


Knave 21 does not share any data from the information that it collects (stated above).  



The free version of Knave 21 may use advertisements served by a third-party (Microsoft Advertising SDK). No location or user identification information is provided to the third-party API by Knave 21 when ads are retrieved from the internet.

Microsoft's Privacy Statement: http://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/AdDisplay.mspx

You may opt out of Microsoft interest based advertising here: https://choice.live.com/AdvertisementChoice/