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As I was cleaning my glasses this morning, I felt the lens suddenly come away from the frames.  My immediate thought was that the screw popped out, which has happened before.  However, upon examination, the screw was intact, but the frame itself broke near the nose.


I scrambled to find any type of superglue that we had in the house, and managed to locate a bottle of acrylic nail glue.  It was futile to try to glue just the broken part, so I put a small bead of glue all around the plastic lens itself, and then assembled the lens into the broken frame.  There was much more surface area to hold everything together this way, but it's certainly not perfect, and I have spots of glue on my lens....  :-(

I guess that I could have went to a 1-hour optical store today and picked up a replacement pair... But, I've had something bigger in mind for a few years now: LASIK.

Last year, my oldest daughter had to have braces installed on her teeth, so that consumed a huge chunk of my FSA.  So far this year, there are no big medical expenses that have been identified, so I'm going to jump at this opportunity now while I have the chance and sufficient balance to pay for it.  My consultation appointment is in about 90 minutes, and I hope to be able to schedule the procedure for Monday morning when it is most convenient for Tina to drive me around.

I've been so dependent on glasses (and contacts for a while during High School) for 22 years.  It's gonna be weird to be "normal" again and not wandering around in a blurry world.